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Our Story

Hi guys! Daniel and Alex here. We’d like to start by letting you know that we are really no different from you. We have “normal” jobs, “normal” friends, “normal” lives. But one thing that we’ve both spent a considerable amount of time on is personal growth. Personal growth to us means: understanding ourselves on a deeper level so that we may weed out negative traits and feel more peace and fulfilment. When we understand ourselves more deeply we bring awareness to our automatic subconscious behaviour. What does that mean?

Have you ever found yourself insanely mad at something then realised three days later that you over reacted? We’ve discovered that when we’re experiencing a negative emotion we often don’t realise that we’re in it! We’re so emotionally involved that we’re too busy being that emotion. Playing that emotion out. Reacting with out thinking. Imagine if you could create a little mental space between your trigger and your reaction. Now that you have space there would you change your behaviour if you had a choice in this moment? This is what we’ve been doing. We’ve spent personal time in our own minds understanding why we react automatically in these trigger moments. And over time we’ve systematically and repeatedly made a concerted effort to change the “program.” This is what we call expanding our self awareness.

Grow with a beginners mind

We believe that the first step to personal growth is to understand and exercise personal humility. We must humble ourselves before we can change our behaviour. Once we can admit to ourselves (and consequently to others) that our current state of being is not perfect, it follows from this that we are always in the process of learning. From this place stems curiosity. Let’s be curious about the perspective of others and seek to truly understand people. Listen and learn without judgement then grow with a beginners mind.

Contrary to what the name of our podcast may suggest, our aim is not to push unsolicited advice in your direction. We aim to openly share our personal life experiences with you so that you may bring more awareness, self-knowledge and self-understanding to your own life.

Progression over Perfection.
We want to encourage you to begin your own journey of personal growth and we truly believe our podcast can help you 🙂 Some of the subjects we chat about include meditation, forgiveness, encouragement, acknowledgement, recognition, friendships, relationships and imagination. We’d love for you to join our conversation!

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